I'm Nellie. Your hype woman and #1 fan.


Aloha! I'm based in New Hampshire, with my roots deeply connected to Hawaii. My personal journey as a survivor of child trafficking has fueled my dedication to turning trauma into triumph. Through the art of boudoir, I am passionately committed to helping others reclaim their power, one photo at a time. It is an immense honor for me to be a part of your transformative journey toward empowerment and self-celebration. Let us create moments of healing, strength, and beauty that resonate for a lifetime.


My Studio Ambassadors are the heart and soul of New England Boudoir. They began as clients who fell in love with the transformative power of boudoir and couldn't get enough. Now, they play a crucial role in testing sets, generating new ideas, and supporting our incredible client community. From events to brainstorming sessions, our Ambassadors are here to inspire, empower, and help clients embrace the beauty of boudoir. They embody our mission and fuel our passion for creating unforgettable experiences.