I'm Nellie. Your #1 fan and personal hype-woman


Let's ignite the world, gorgeous! Think of me not just as your photographer, but as your confidante on this intimate journey. We're going beyond traditional boudoir to unlock the smoldering strength and beauty within you. My own journey, overcoming the darkness of child trafficking, has taught me how to transform trauma into triumph. Our sessions are more than just photos; they're about intimacy, healing, and celebrating YOU. So, let's get close, share our secrets, and create a jaw-dropping gallery together


Your Professional Hair & Makeup Artist

In every session, Erica does more than enhance beauty—she empowers and celebrates each client’s unique journey, ensuring a transformative experience of self-love and empowerment. Her keen eye for detail and passion for transformation extend beyond makeup and hair; she’s also a master of Permanent Makeup, specializing in micro-pigmentation for those seeking a lasting touch. Erica’s warm personality and professional expertise light up our studio, making every client feel seen, understood, and fabulous.


Our Social Media Content Queen

Meet Alex, our dynamic content creator whose journey with us began in 2020. Many of you might remember her as our Studio Manager, where her warmth and energy made everyone feel at home. From late-night set builds to crafting captivating videos, Alex's creativity has always been a cornerstone of our studio.

Though she’s relocated to Rhode Island, you can still catch her at some of our events. Thanks to Alex, we’re able to share behind-the-scenes moments and irresistible sneak peeks of the studio.


My Studio Ambassadors are the heart and soul of New England Boudoir. They began as clients who fell in love with the transformative power of boudoir and couldn't get enough. Now, they play a crucial role in testing sets, generating new ideas, and supporting our incredible client community. From events to brainstorming sessions, our Ambassadors are here to inspire, empower, and help clients embrace the beauty of boudoir. They embody our mission and fuel our passion for creating unforgettable experiences.